"Lord God, I thank you for giving me the ability to work with the horses. I pray that you would take my hands which you created, and use them to your Glory and Honor, to seek out pain and help your magnificent creation the horse, find relief and a long, happy life."
- Lynn Williams, ESMT

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"Improving Your Horse's Movement...."

Welcome!  If you are interested in improving your horse's movement, performance, and/or attitude then you have come to the right place!  Equine Physics is owned by Lynn Williams, a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. 

What is Equine Sports Massage Therapy?

The muscular system is 60% of a horse's total body weight and is the system responsible for motion.  When  muscles are over worked or over stretched, it can lead to a tightening of the muscles and even  injury.  This tightening, or spasm, of the muscle effects the way a horse moves, feels, performs, and behaves.  Sports Massage helps alleviate the tension in the muscles, helping the muscle to return to a normal state, thereby relieving pain and preventing possible injury. 

Sports Massage Therapy can be used for pre-event applications to help your horse perform their best, post-event sessions to help relieve tension and prevent stiffness and muscle spasms after a vigourous workout, routine maintance to keep your horse's overall health boosted, for correction of injured and damaged muscles, or to aliviate specific problems such as shoulder and hip lameness, girthing problems, etc.

Possible Signs of Tight Muscles Or Muscle Spasms:

  • Head Tossing
  • Hip and Shoulder Lameness
  • Difficulty with lateral movements and bending
  • Saddle slipping off to one side
  • Shortened Strides
  • Refusing or resisting leads
  • Sore Back
  • "Cold Backed"
  • Girthing Problems

  Benefits of Equine Sports Massage Therapy:  

  • Enhances Muscle Tone and Increases Range of Motion
  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling in the Joints
  • Allevates Pain by Releasing Endorphins
  • Promotes Healing
  • Increases Flow of Nutrients To Muscles
  • Stimulates Circulation which Aids In Removal of Toxins
  • Releases Tension
  • Loosens, Warms, and Readies Muscles for an Event



We service the following cities of Florida and thier surrounding areas: 
Milton, Pace, Pensacola, Cantonment, Crestview, Navarre

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Massage Therapy is NOT a substitute for veterinary medicine.